Scottish Smallpipes

Hakam Din Scottish Smallpipes for sale | Mouth Blown or Bellow Blown | Available in the Key of A, Bb, C & D

This historic instrument has many attractions for Highland pipers and folk musicians. This instrument play's in the tune of A, Bb, C & D, Can be played with the same fingering as the Highland pipe chanter, also with covered finger holes. There are three drones comprising of a bass, baritone and tenor, set in a single stock, which can either be played over the shoulder or across the knee.

We strongly recommend please buy & Add Pipe dreams, Ezee Drone Reeds which they manufacture for our Scottish smallpipes, these are little expensive so we do not add that our self and we leave that to consumer if they wish they can buy and add, the link is below 
Drone Reed Configuration; Bass, Baritone, Tenor
Make of Instrument; Hakam Din

the reason for our recommendation is so your first try with the ezee drone reeds will show you what our smallpipes are truly capable of, straight out of the box.

Sound Samples of Scottish Smallpipes in A

 Sound Sample of Scottish Smallpipes in D