Scottish Smallpipes - Cocobolo wood - Mouth Blown


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HakamDin Scottish Smallpipes - Cocobolo wood - Mouth Blown 

This historic instrument has many attractions for Highland pipers and folk musicians. Our smallpipes our available in the tune of A, Bb, C and D, you can choose whichever option you prefer, It can be played with the same fingering as the Highland pipe chanter, also with covered finger holes. There are three drones comprising of a bass, baritone and tenor, set in a single stock, which can either be played over the shoulder or across the knee.


Features of the HakamDin Scottish Smallpipes:

·      Indian Cocobolo Wood in its Natural Finish
·      Fully Polished bores for easy, responsive & smooth pressure
·      Mouth Blown

Standard Set-Up Includes Top Quality Components:

·      Synthetic pipe bag
·      Deluxe Black Cord Bag Cover with logo
·      Pipe chanter reed
·      Backpack Soft Padded Carrying Case; light weight and easy to carry

If you decide to buy from us, we strongly recommend that you purchase Pipe dreams, Ezee Drone Reeds which they currently manufacture for our Scottish smallpipes, these are a little expensive so we do not add it ourselves and leave that decision to the consumer if they wish they can buy and add, the link is below 
Drone Reed Configuration; Bass, Baritone, Tenor 
Make of Instrument; Hakam Din

       Smallpipes are professionally set up, tested, and shipped securely

Sound Sample of HakamDin Scottish Smallpipes in A:

HakamDin Products are renowned for their quality of sound and craftsmanship at home and abroad. With over 100 years of experience behind us, our reputation is our guarantee.

HakamDin Bagpipes is a part of an extensive and thoroughly documented collection of bagpipes in the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND in Edinburgh.

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