Irish Uilleann Pipes - Half Set - 3 Key Chanter - Cocobolo Wood

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Irish Uilleann Pipes Half Set with a 3 Key Chanter, (Irish Union Pipes) In The Key of D, Upgradeable to Full Set
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This is a beautiful designed and handcrafted and fully playable bagpipe, The best bagpipe for their price on Ebay.
the pictures displayed are of the product you will receive.
The Uilleann pipes have a different harmonic structure, sounding sweeter and quieter than many other bagpipes, such as the Great Irish Warpipes, Great Highland Bagpipes or the Italian Zampognas. you may recognize the sound from "Hymn to the sea" in the infamous movie "Titanic". The Uilleann pipes are often played indoors, and are almost always played sitting down.
Chanter: Uilleann Chanter in the key of D with 3 extra keys
Drones: Bass, Tenor and Baritone drones with tuning slides
Main Stock: Cocobolo wood stock with drone stop lever
Bellow: improved design with leather padding for comfort
Bag: Air-tight Bag made of synthetic material
Bag Cover: Black Velvet with Gold Fringe
Accessories include:
A Carrying Case
1 Pipe Chanter Reed
1 Fingering Chart/Assembling Chart
Booklet on Uilleann by WP
Drone reeds are not included, compatible drone reeds should be purchased separately from Pipe Dreams. Further detail will be provided after purchase