Irish Uilleann Pipes - Full Set - 3 Key Chanter - Cocobolo Wood

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Hakam Din Irish Uilleann Pipes Full Set in The Key of D UP-F3

On this model contemporary materials combine perfectly with a classic profile. The wood is a smooth, lustrous finish highlights Natural Grains of the Indian Cocobolo Wood. To complete the look, the set comes with a Chanter in D.

The Uilleann Chanter is designed to be played with the Practice Set, Half set & full set. The Uilleann Chanter comes with reeds and plays two octaves from Low to high D. It has 3 nickel keys which provide additional C, G sharp and F natural notes.

The Uilleann pipes have a different harmonic structure, sounding sweeter and quieter than many other bagpipes, such as the Great Irish Warpipes, Great Highland Bagpipes or the Italian Zampognas. you may recognize the sound from "Hymn to the sea" in the infamous movie "Titanic". The Uilleann pipes are often played indoors, and are almost always played sitting down.

The Uilleann Drones plays in the key of D

The notes of the Tenor Regulator are from C, B, A, G F#  Comes with reed

The notes of the Baritone Regulator are from A, G, F#, D. Comes with reed

The notes of the Bass Regulator are from C, B, A, G. Comes with reed

Features of the HakamDin Uilleann Pipes:

  • Nickle Plain Mounts
  • Natural Cocobolo wood Finish
  • Fully Polished bores for easy, responsive & smooth pressure

Standard Set-Up Includes Top Quality Components:

  • Synthetic pipe bag
  • Deluxe Velvet bag cover with silver fringe
  • Main Stock is made of Cocobolo wood with a stop key
  • Dual Leather Bellow, Padded Both Sides
  • Cane Chanter reed
  • Deluxe Hard Carrying Case
  • Learn To Play Uilleann Pipes Booklet by H-J-C
  • Fingering Chart
  • Cocobolo Wood Uilleann Practice Chanter with Reed

Uilleann Pipes are professionally set up, tested, and shipped securely. Minor differences in reeds can have a dramatic effect on how your pipes sound.

Hakam Din Products are renowned for their quality of sound and craftsmanship at home and abroad. With over 100 years of experience behind us our reputation is our guarantee.

Hakam Din Bagpipes is a part of an extensive and thoroughly documented collection of bagpipes in the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND in Edinburgh.

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