Irish Concert Flute| D | 8 keys Silver


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Irish Flute - Concert Irish Flute with 8 keys in D is adapted from fine English flute of the 1800's for Irish performance or re-creation of Victorian-era classical music.

This Irish flute has a Conical bore, tuning slide head joint with complete metal line inside, with offset L3 and R3 for small hands, (You can request inline L3 and R3 for large hands) Undercut holes, silver plated keys.

Rright hand Eb/D# key, right hand F key, left hand Long F key, right hand long C key, left hand thumb Bb/A# key, left little finger G#/Ab key, right little finger Low C#/Db key, right Little finger Low C key).

Made of Indian Cocobolo wood with imitation Ivory rings.  Comes with case. 


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